“Le Studio by Petit VIP”

In a safe, refined and eco-friendly setting, the Petit VIP* company and the Hôtel Barrière Le Majestic Cannes will be introducing this new concept which includes a personalised welcome, 5-star services for children, plus a wide range of fun workshops for all the family.

Why not discover your talents and those of your children at the Hôtel Barrière Le Majestic via this exclusive concept, which provides an insight into 10 major art forms through the use of ned and eco-friendly setting, the Petit VIP* company and the Hôtel lm?

At the “Le Studio by Petit VIP”, take part in a range of innovative and stimulating activities which are kind to the planet, as well as workshops covering subjects such as foreign languages, raising awareness on the protection of our natural environments, and unique introductions to a range of different art forms. With subjectssuch assculptureand photography, tableware and etiquette, music and cinema and even cartoons, parents and children will have the opportunity to express themselves fully, by creating their own sound track or video clip, dancing, performing mime, doing their own make-up, singing, cooking, giving full rein to their imagination, learning new skills or quite simply just resting and relaxing!

In a superb setting inside the prestigious and palatial Hôtel Le Majestic Barrière Cannes on the famous Croisette, this new concept offers a fun and educational introduction to the 10 major arts. The “Le Studio by Petit VIP” allows participants to act out their dreams, creating unforgettable memories in an elegant and luxurious palace-hotel while also making new friends in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

*Petit VIP’sisrenowned for thequalityand expertiseof itskids’ clubs, itstop-of-the-range hotel services, its adapted teaching methods and its design of programmes which are as innovative, fun and educational as they are multi-cultural.