We aim at nurturing the personal development of each children through our “Edutainment” activities, that always combine education and entertainment, to make young fellows learn in a fun way.

We offer a wide range of innovative and funny activies for children of all ages. Petit VIP childbutlers are very energetic! They interract with children, encourage them to actively take part in the activities, and never fail to surprise them! Children learn through multiple games and experiments. Interactive activities are always held in a convivial atmosphere, which enables us to have an educational impact (for example, rising children’s awareness about environmental protection) while keeping young guests entertained. Children have fun, they learn lot at the same time, and certainly keep unforgettable memory of their experience!

Exclusive workshops :

Children and teenagers enjoy exclusive “a la carte” activities, such as leaning magic tricks, creating jewellery or perfurme, making chocolates or candies, try scientific experiments, exploring the area to see flora and fauna and discovering the flavours of local food. Do you want more qualitative family time? Your adult guests can enjoy once again the pleasures of childhood by participating in our sports and “edutainment” programs with their children. Petit VIP definitely reconnects families.

Special event :

Our childbutlers can organize unique brunches, birtdhay parties and various other events to please little guests. The Petit VIP’s treasure box is full of suprises: cartoon characters, clowns, magicians… We have got lots of thematic programs to create a cheerful atmosphere, and millions of ideas to customize unforgettable events for families.



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