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Petit VIP Academy is designed to help children and younger adolescents get ready to go back to school in a fun and relaxing way.

Petit VIP Academy

The new method
of learning

Thanks to a personalised approach, escape games in English, multiplication tables on a sandy beach, etc., the Petit VIP Academy and its certified teachers bring out the best in each child. In discovering hidden talents in various areas, each child can flourish and blossom. Classes at the Petit VIP Academy, dispensed by serious scholars who do not take themselves too seriously, are not like other classes because content is always approached in an entertaining way and exceptional settings.

Our teachers and international coaches with strong childcare experience ensure knowledgeable instruction and direction; they are also responsible for the social interaction and entertainment aspect of the program. This new program sets another example of continuous innovations and improvements of The Petit VIP experiences for our clients’ guests.


Spread stars in
children’s eyes

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