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Quality Label

Each member of our collection is regularly audited, trained and certified in order to guarantee families the highest standards in terms of childcare, hygiene and safety.


Childcare excellence

The Quality Label “Petit VIP” is rewarding the childcare excellence of the very exclusive tourism actors. The selected venues meet our very strict procedures such as safety, hygiene, entertainment, programs, equipment adapted to the children’s age and culture. Each venue is carefully audited, each staff member is trained and certified before we give our Quality Label.


Moments shared with the family form memories forever etched in everyone’s mind. We attach particular importance to the personal development of children and family bonding is part of it. This is why we strive to offer your family moments of complicity and relaxation.

A magic moment, out of time.


We offer a broad range of innovative and fun activities, including multicultural workshops for all generations in foreign languages, awareness activities about nature conservation and much more. Petit VIP creates unforgettable memories and allows children to make new friends in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Education and entertainment are always combined in our programs.

Environment & Sustainability

Culture & Heritage

Sports & Tournaments

Art & Discovery

5-star service

In order to make a 5 star service adapted to children a possibility, we have created specific childcare standards and hôteliers training programs that can transform a simple hotel visit into an enchanting experience where your young guests will demand a return visit. Each department and staff member is trained in order to turn your venue into one of the best family-friendly destination.

Children’s services are refined and holistic just as they are for adult guests, making a child’s experience an all-encompassing one.

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Le Touquet



Le Majestic


Le Coucou


Les Neiges

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Kids Concierge

Our goal is to aid and enable our clients to be the best “family friendly” destination.

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