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Why work with us?

Designing and operating a babies, kids or teens club isn’t just as simple as having a space and putting some play equipment into it. You need to think about health & safety, procedures and policies, ratios, where will you find the best childcare staff, how the space is designed specifically with the young and multicultural audiences in mind, what activities and special event will you provide.

To provide a robust children concept

A consistent, professional and tailor-made concept for all your properties that can be marketed at a brand level, benefitting all venues.

To increase your revenue

Occupancy rate and ancillary revenue: Increased spend by parents (spa, restaurants, bar, shops…) while kids are engaged in our programs.


To increase guest engagement

It is the emotional connection between your guest and your brand. Highly engaged families stay longer and demonstrate more loyalty.

To gain a competitive advantage

A Strategic pillar in the luxury industry. A significant and positive “point of difference” in terms of value generated for your brand.

Childcare expertise

We will complete a full assessment to ensure facilities comply with latest childcare best practice policies and safety. This is a full review of your childcare facilities, toys & equipment, playground areas, staff, policies, procedures, guidelines, children’s menus etc.

We work with our clients from conceptual stage to develop a complete creative and operational concept for your babies, kids or teens clubs that complements your brand, and takes into consideration your target audiences, age ranges, childcare ratios, opening hours, budget and activities.

Family facilities layout planning

We will advise and work with the space allocation for your babies, kids or teens club facilities, and design the detailed layout of the interior and exterior space for your kids clubs.

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Design indoor & outdoor spaces

We will develop detailed visualisation drawings and computer generated images to bring your concept and layout to life and show what it will look like when completed.

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Fixtures, fittings & play equipment

Once your designs are approved, we will make recommendations for fixtures, fittings and equipment that will work best in your space and with your unique club concept.

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Your collaterals and staff uniforms are often the first impression of your childcare services. Create consistent and personalised collaterals and promote your brand effectively. If you’d like to know more about how we can help you with your brand collateral or staff uniforms requirements, please contact us.



Menu & Directories


Our specific training allows your whole staff to improve rapidly their skills in terms of childcare, based on the European quality and safety standards.

Kids Ambassadors

Our professional childcare training is intended to give learners the essential knowledge and skills required to be able to deliver an excellent quality service in a safe and structured environment.

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In addition to our tiered childcare training, we offer hoteliers/front of house training enabling you to provide a truly professional and family friendly service at all points in your family guest journey.

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We elaborate for your young guest appropriate amenities and tailor-made surprises:

Child-sized robes

Bath toiletries



Safety kit

Gitfs & Presents

Support for your executive chefs to plan nutritious and healthy menus for younger guests. Allergy and dietary advice.

Kids menu

Mini bar

Mocktails carte

Room service

We help your childcare team to deal with any operational issues that occur throughout a season such as activity program advice, outbreak of contagious disease, dealing with special needs, etc…

Activity program advice

Health & safety issues

Standard operating procedure queries

Customer complaints

We create for you tailor-made events and activities. We combine education and entertainment to make kids and youngsters learn in a fun way. We provide daily and weekly activity programs for your clubs, including:





We can provide a secure, cloud based childcare management system to manage, view, analyse & report on:





Staffing ratios


We have a very demanding recruitment and extensive network that will enable your luxury venue to find the best qualified childcare coordinators.
We recruit the perfect childcare team for you, ensuring appropriate:



Savoir être

Savoir vivre




Police checks

SOP’s are a protection plan, protecting the guests, staff and the company. Caring for children, your guests, is one of the most responsible services you provide. The most important aspect is making sure that everyone throughout the property from top management downwards fully comprehend the SOP’s and reflect these in practice, especially whilst providing care for your little guests. Our SOPs have been created in conjunction with the major areas impacting the family.

Minimize risks

Minimize risk potential across all aspects of your operations.

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Review your existing operating procedures.

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Best practices childcare

Using the most up to date recommended practices.

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We can advise you on the best equipment to buy based on the size of your hotel, your budget for games, toys and equipment, and the quantity and ages of children in your resort. This way you buy good quality, durable and appropriate equipment for your younger guests.

Toys & Games


Day-to-day supplies


Birthday presents

Staff uniforms

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Enjoy our special “edutainment” programs, exclusive experiences and unique moments to share as a family.