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They talk about us

“We spent a wonderful holidays and especially our kids. They loved the Petit VIP program all day long! Merci beaucoup.”


“The Petit VIP activities are excellent and various. Every detail is very warm, and my kid felt very happy. It not only impressed my child, but all of my family.”

Guest at Ritz Carlton

“Hope there will be more hotels with kids programs like this.”

Robb Report

“Petit VIP program was a joyful experience which impressed my kid very much. This hotel is the most child-friendly hotel I’ve ever seen.”

National Geographic

“At first, I did not believe such an innovative concept could work. The children’s joy, the parents’ enthusiasm and their loyalty convinced me that we made the right decision with Petit VIP.”

JL Goube - General Manager, Hôtel L'Hermitage

“Thanks for your kind arrangements, I feel so happy whenever I recall the wonderful time I spent with my son.”

Shanghai Weekly


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